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STEICO Insulation Products

Exterior Insulation Products

STEICO Insulation Products

STEICOspecial dry

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  • Rigid insulation board for external applications (roofs and walls)
  • Applied over the rafters or studs to improve insulation values
  • 3 fold functionality; insulation, wind tightness & weatherproofing
  • High ‘Summer Heat’ protection
  • Good sound insulating properties
  • Can be laid directly onto the rafters without additional support
  • Both easy to handle and work with
  • Water vapour open for healthy constructions
  • Exposure to the elements for up to 12 weeks on new build projects and
  • 4 weeks for renovation projects for roof pitches over 16°
  • High insulation values, improving energy efficiencies
  • Reduces thermal bridging
STEICO Insulation Products

STEICOuniversal dry


  • Available up to 160 mm thickness
  • Very good insulation qualities, prevents thermal bridging
  • Easy handling
  • Prevents thermal bridging
  • Water vapour open, suitable for warm roofs
  • May be fully exposed for up to 12 weeks in a temporary condition
  • Effective protection against wind, dust, moisture and sound
  • Contributes to an excellent room climate
  • Ecological and environmentally friendly, recyclable

Interior Insulation Products

STEICO Insulation Products



  • Flexible insulation
  • Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer
  • Water vapour open for a healthy indoor climate
  • Climate regulating with a high sorption capacity
  • Contributes to a healthyindoor climate
  • Reduces thermal bridges
  • Non irritant
  • Easily cut and handled
  • Semi rigid for ease of installation
  • Ecologically and environmentally certified
  • Recyclable
STEICO Insulation Products



  • Good airborne and impact sound insulation
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • High compressive strength up to 15 tons / m2
  • Highly stable woodfibre construction provides excellent durability
  • Water vapour open
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Able to compensate for up to 3 mm of floor uneveness
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems
  • Ecologically and environmentally friendly
  • Recyclable
STEICO Insulation Products

STEICOprotect dry


  • Suitable for use with direct render systems
  • Ideal for timber frame constructions, solid wood walls and renovation of walls
  • Robust and economic on-site handling
  • Manufactured in dry process. Lightweight homogenous boards
  • Excellent thermal characteristics in summer and winter
  • Hydrophobic and water vapour open system for robust constructions
STEICO Insulation Products

STEICOtherm dry


  • Multifunctional rigid woodfibre insulation board
  • Available in tongue & groove profiles, stepped profiles and square edged
  • Manufactured in dry process
  • Exceptionally light and robust
  • Excellent insulation properties in winter and summer
  • Water vapour open
  • Helps to regulate the indoor climate